March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

By Erik Alsgaard

“Within the bounds of the Baltimore-Washington Conference, there are five casinos: four in Maryland and one in West Virginia (Charles Town). Casinos are not legal in Bermuda, but there’s an effort to change that soon.

Those casinos are in addition to the well-known horse tracks, numerous bingo halls, and thousands of locations where lottery tickets are bought and sold. And now that the NCAA basketball tournament is at hand, who knows how much money is illegally wagered on the games and filling out the “perfect bracket.”

As if that weren’t enough, a recent Supreme Court decision legalizing sports betting beyond Las Vegas means that Washington, D.C., will soon be home to massive opportunities to place legal sports bets, some from the comfort of your own seat at a Wizards or Capitals game. The casino in Charles Town opened its sports betting parlor last September, and Maryland is exploring this expansion, too…..”

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