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We know that less than 10% of individuals with gambling disorders ever seek help and clergy and lay ministers may be in the unique position of trust to direct these individuals to available services. One of our strategic goals is to increase MCPG’s prevention and wellness opportunities with faith and spiritual communities. MCPG recognizes that faith and spiritual communities are positive, strength-based assets in the lives of many communities. Many faith and clergy leaders and lay ministers provide prevention and wellness resources for individuals, families, and communities and can also be valuable servant leaders in problem gambling advocacy and wellness

The International Gambling Counselor Certification Board (IGCCB) now provides a process for recognizing and certifying clergy and other faith-based workers who are proficient in gambling addiction prevention education, awareness, supportive outreach and non-clinical care. With specialized training leading to certification, knowledgeable clergy/lay ministers can offer guidance, educational materials, support, hope, spiritual care, and help refer people to approved counselors on the Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling Referral List and recovery support groups (IGCCB Brochure, 2016). Note: The clergy/lay minister’s certification process does not train clergy/lay ministers to be therapists; rather, participants will learn about treatment and what individuals in treatment may encounter as they go through the recovery process.      



Following the training, there is an administrative fee of $50.00 payable to IGCCB for continued work towards certification (You do not pay this fee if you don’t plan to apply for the certification).

The program design involves a 24-hour IGCCB Core Curriculum on problem gambling. The 4 modules can be completed at your own pace and they do not have to be done in chronological order. After the training is completed, the IGCCB certified, experienced problem gambling advocates will be available for consultation and support to assist participants in completion of a project required for certification and to assist participants in applying the knowledge they have gained to develop and implement problem gambling outreach within their communities. The training group is designed for no more than 20 participants, at a time, as the training is an interactive model. Registration is first come first serve.

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1.     Email  MarylandCouncilPG@yahoo.com to register for the particular modules you would like to participate in during this round of training. If you cannot make certain modules but would like to know about future dates and opportunities you can ask to be added to the waitlist.

Webinar replay:

Enjoy the replay of the webinar: "How To Have The Conversation With Problem Gamblers and Loved Ones"

Past Events

Problem Gambling Certification for Clergy & Layministers  hosted by the Behavioral Health Administration  March 2017

Problem Gambling Certification for Clergy & Layministers

hosted by the Behavioral Health Administration

March 2017